The MMES Library Program is designed to support the school community’s academic and personal educational needs and interests. The school library is a learner-laboratory that supports, extends and differentiates MERSD curriculum with the district-wide goal of developing future-ready graduates.  The school library serves as the information hub in our school. Collaboration with all disciplines and full integration of technology is assumed as an integral part of our 21st Century Skills model.  

Specifically, our 21st Century Skills Curriculum Goals include:

Collection Development

Library materials support and extend the core curriculum; serve the needs and interests of students and staff; stimulate intellectual curiosity; and nurture a love of reading.

Research Skills

Developmentally appropriate, inquiry-based projects move students from guided practice to development of  more independent information literacy skills including exploration of resources and ethical use of information.

Organizing Information

Pragmatic library instruction fosters the ability to identify, appreciate and pursue materials based on an understanding of the library’s layout & organizational tenets – both physical and philosophical.

Cultural Proficiency

Diverse cultures, social awareness, global experiences and points of view are introduced and represented via collection development practices, library lessons, story telling and discussion. Social context and self-awareness are identified as key components of “cultural intelligence.” 

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